We DO NOT accept payment from anyone for the flying services we provide (apart, perhaps to cover very minimal admin costs on the ground). The only funding we get is from our own wallets as we fund all our own activities from fuel, plane maintenance, plane hire or ownership, travel expenses & equipment. Air Search also feels this is an important endorsement of its completely unpaid status

Although we accept that flying and plane ownership in itself is not something everyone can afford, we are by no way lottery winners who can fly all day, every day. We fly because we want to help people and put something back into our community.

Air Search and its members receives no funding from any official body, company or governmental department. We are not a registered charity, and deliberately do not apply for charity status as although our members do not consider themselves wealthy, we accept that aviation and plane ownership, in itself, is not something everyone can afford. As such, we strongly believe that there are far more worthy causes out there that do need the public's money; Help For Heroes, Air Ambulances, Cancer Research etc. If we were a charity we could possibly divert that money away from these charities and we do not want that to happen.

In essence, Air Search, will do what ever it can to help whosoever requires or requests our assistance.

Some of the taskings Air Search has been called upon in the past are listed, but not limited to:-  

  • Search for missing, vulnerable, people
  • Search for missing livestock, equipment and small vessels 
  • Damage assessment following an environmental emergency
  • Priority transport for time critical items (e.g. sensitive documents,  items of high importance)
  • Air to ground imagery following serious flooding or fires
  • Air support for inshore lifeboats, mountain and lowland rescue teams
  • Aerial inspection of critical / vulnerable infrastructure 
  • Traffic, crowd & hazard monitoring at pre-planned events 
  • Assisting organisers plan an event by taking aerial imagery of the location to enable suitable preparation & contingencies:-
  • Traffic management issues, highway access routes,
  • placement of participants, infrastructure issues, environmental considerations. 
  • Information on emergency vehicle access 
  • Traffic monitoring the national strategic road network.